The One-Word Challenge

A couple of weeks ago I stopped by to see Artsymama's blog. There she told us of a challenge for 2008, put forth by the wonderfully inspiring Ali Edwards. You pick a word that sums up for you, and for the coming year, what about art - or even life - that you want to live by, or be inspired by, or aspire to.

So for the past several days, I've spent time mulling over this one-word challenge. In just moments the description and theme of 2008 bubbled to the forefront of my contemplations. I suddenly knew where I am, where I'd like to go and even some of the paths that I think will take me there. But for the life of me, the word would not come into focus for me. Just one word. One word!!! I tried and tried to make it come to the surface, kinda like turning over the Magic Eight Ball and having the answer suddenly appear. But nothing.

Was it "freedom"? No, too vague, not really at all pointed enough to define my concepts. Well, then, how about "risk." Mmmmm, no, sounds too, well, risky, like I'm going to lose everything in a market crash. Leap? No. Jump? No! Forward? Not really, but close. Every word left the itch not quite scratched. Then yesterday it came to me.

Plunge. That's it! Plunge, as in "take the plunge", "plunge in, the water's fine." Not the purrtiest sounding word, but it's a good fit and it does the job.

I'm really a scaredy-cat at heart. Always and ever second-guessing everything!!! But in 2008 I'm going to take the plunge. I've had enough of letting ideas, thoughts, and artistic musing languish in the mire of fear and "what-ifs." Fear that my ideas will bomb, that they won't be well received, that it is too this, or too that. Stop!!! Just stop that!! Plunge in, I say! And so what if all that I fear comes to pass? So what!!! Big deal!!!! At least I tried, and how can that be bad? The only place I'll get if I don't try is nowhere!

So I've picked my word. Plunge. In. 2008.

Where will I end up? Don't know! But I'm thinking I'm ready for a nice dip...


Cheryl said...

Oh I love hearing your "process," Michelle! This word DOES sound perfect. I Love it! Can't wait to see where this word takes you...I feel excited to watch it happen! :) hugs to you, Sweets....cheryl :)

Joy for the Journey said...

What a COOL idea!!

ArtsyMama said...

I LOVVVEEE this! Thanks for the inspiration. I am taking a huge *plunge* into writing a book right now. Yeehaa!!!!!!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Plunge. I love that... what a great theme for 2008!!!

You work is amazing. I am so excited to see where this theme takes you!!!


Holly Tree Primitives said...

Love your word for the year, I think I may need to borrow it!