Winterbella...January's Warm Fuzzy

For me, a new year, coming on the heels of the Christmas holidays, is a much-looked-forward-to retreat from all that went wrong the past 12 months. If only I could first dwell on all the blessings of the last year (maybe that should be a resolution?!)...but as luck would have it, my first thoughts turn to all those things I would have liked to have done better with. I won't bore you with all that sappy stuff, but I do love a fresh start, to make corrections on my course in life, and just to "do better."

I feel a lightness in my step, in my mind, in my heart. And let me share this completely uplifting and encouraging way to start fresh with art in mind - Teresa McFayden's winter e-zine called Winterbella. I've always been drawn like a moth to the light of Teresa's art, so this e-zine is in all ways the most wonderful kickstart to 2008.

Each Monday, Wednesday and Friday in January, Teresa adds a new project to the Winterbella E-zine. I joined in the 12 Days of Comfort and Joy e-zine from Teresa in December...and from the first project I knew she had hit on something so fantastic and wonderful! I love, love, LOVE having a little access to her creative mind and thought-process through the projects, the how-to pictures and the little Postscript message that she adds to end of each project. I couldn't love this more!!!

Maybe I'll do the art and maybe I won't. It's okay either way, cuz just following with her, looking at the pictures, reading her words is like a bit of the most decadent chocolate...slowly savored and always enjoyed. The hubbub of the holidays is fun in its own way, but it does take a little wind from my sails. Checking in on Winterbella is like cuddling up in front a fireplace after a hard day...comforting and warm and snuggly and fuzzy.

Check out Teresa's site, there's most likely room for whomever is looking for a little kickstart to a new year. Or a little January comfort and joy...

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Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Happy New Year, Michelle!!! I can't wait to see what sorts of fabulous you come up with in 2008!!! xo-Mel