Jewels of the Sea * Birds of the Air

Whew! What a fast couple of weeks...
The opening of Willy Nilly Art & Whimsy on Etsy has been a fun and fabulous experience thus far. To my utter delight, lots of you sweet gals gave a home to some of my offerings...thrilling, I would say! I'm looking forward to the completion of some of the many ideas vying for room in my brain.

In the midst of all the opening and packing and shipping I have sent out two swaps. I still have trouble saying "no", especially when the hostesses are some of my favorite hostesses.

First, the Feathered Friends Vintage Bird ATC swap hosted by Danielle of Vintage Dragonfly Studio.Then a few days later the "Jewels of the Sea" swap hosted by Heather of Speckled-Egg. Fun swaps and another push to make art. Plus, I'll be getting some fabulous returns in the mail!
Until next time: Sleep well...dream big!


Jenn said...

So pretty! I am keeping my eye on your etsy shop.... looking forward to seeing what you have up your sleeve next!! LOL!

Jann said...

Hello, Michelle! I received one of your ATCs from the Feathered Friends Swap--it's the one you have pictured right there--the second one. I love it! Thank you! I will visit your new Etsy store--congratulations and good luck with your new venture! Warmly, Jann

Jann said...

Oops, I'm sorry Michele--I misspelled your name in my last comment! My daughter's middle name is Michelle with 2 l's!

fated follies studio said...

girlfriend, i got one of your beautiful pendants in the mail today! yay! it is so pretty, you did an excellent job!


Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

Hi Michele,
I got one of your pendants for the jewels of the sea swap. Thank you! It's gorgeous! :)