Summer Lovin'...Had Me a Blast

Labor Day was a true retreat for me. Remember when I said I wanted to have some serious fire time? Well, I can count on one-and-a-half hands how many times I left the warmth and the stress-melting comfort of the firepit. Went into town once...(can't go camping without bacon!)...strolled down by the water with the kiddies a little; (I am blessed with a husband who is just a big kid himself, so my young'ns had a constant companion - one to kayak with, swim with, catch frogs with, take the scenic nature hike around the lake and so on)....took a chair down to water's edge, looked into the moonless night and marveled at the brightness and closeness of the stars. I'm sure if I had tried, I could have just reached up and plucked one out of the sky. I can't recall the Milkyway being so bright - lucky me to have a new moon night! Heaven seemed a stone's throw away and the speech twinkling from the starlight pierced my heart, whispering to me of God's Greatness, His Presence, His Omniscience, His Love! Glorious!

And so the next season begins...here in Wisconsin already the sun is casting it's golden light on the landscape, the air is a little crisp and the temperature is heading downward. From now until the snow flies summer will have a few last hurrah's as "Indian Summer" days make their appearance.

As for me, you'll find me in the studio getting ready for Silver Bella in November....and there is sooo much to get ready for!

Adieu, all! Come see me again!


Anonymous said...

What lovely sentiments...the only thing missing in your wonderful, wrap-up the summer weekend....was a little sister. :)


twinkleshabbystar said...

Beautiful post! You writing is so lovely!!! Look forward to meeting you at Silver Bella! You will have the time of your life!!! Smiles,Jenn