The Latest Silver Bella Post Ever

If it weren't for my new-found Silver Bella friend, Maija, Halloween may still be the last topic of interest here. But after a little elbow in the side, I decided to jump in with a small post-Silver Bella update. The rest of the gals out there have plumbed the depths of all it means to have been at that primo event...posting, if you have been keeping up - just moments after all was said and done. There are wonderful blogs to read and get the inside scoop on Silver Bella if you'd like.

My experience as a first-time vendor was so much more than I had hoped or imagined. It was so delightful to have lots and lots of fun-loving ladies stop by, chat, get to know one another better, and of course, shop. The Vendor Market Faire was magical...and as my friend who was with me said, "you'd never know there was a recession..."

Thank you, thank you, thank you! to everyone who stopped by to see my little offerings. Everyone had such positive comments and encouragements. I know that money is a little tight, perhaps, for many of us, and I'm humbled and grateful for every single cent you ladies spent, at my table and all the other ones as well.

I've been a lazy picture taker lately, I have a nice point and shoot Nikon but it seems it takes so much to get a good picture. I didn't even remember I had my camera until Silver Bella was almost over. Yeah, I need a V-8! Which is a little way to say I'll be back soon, very soon, with pictures of swaps, goodies, and other such delights.


Wanda said...

Argh!! I looked for you in the ballroom and now I know why I didn't find you. I wanted to meet you. Blah. I was in the ballroom and didn't get much of a chance to look around. I'm glad you enjoyed you first time vendor experience...it was fun wasn't it?? I hope you had a grand holiday.

natalea said...

Michele! thank you so much for the beautiful bird orni!! Email me when you get a second...want to ask you something! Loved it!!
xo natalea

Paper Cat Designs said...

Hello Michele!

Hope you are having a delightful holiday season. I'm so pleased your experience at the show was a positive one.

I have a little treat for you on my blog, The Artful Paper Doll. Hope you will pop in for a peek.

Cheers! =D
~Kitty Kellie

Sarah said...

I'm glad you enjoyed Silver Bella! Thank you so much for my ornament in Heather's swap. Yours was one of my favorites!!!
Vintage Lily