Love is in the Air...and so is Siberia!

Brr, it's cold here! -40 degrees cold! But then so is the rest of the US! 2009 is not starting out as slow as molasses on the homefront, thougth...I love those lazy kind of days when there is lots and lots of time to snuggle in, hunker down and do really fun things. Mostly here, the days have been crazy! Minutes whiz by, then hours and days.

I've joined a couple of really fun swaps...I'll have stuff in the next day or so to share. Been working to stock my humble little shop...some cards and collages. Thinking, too, about the unfolding year ahead. What will it hold? I haven't even thought of much I'd like to accomplish in any area of my life. Well, maybe I've thought a little, but only in gross generalities. I'll have to ponder that!

Hope you are staying warm wherever you are. Maybe, if you're cold, you could make some of this...I love her posts!

Here are a few of the cards I've been drawing and doodling for Etsy. I love the simplicity of one or two colors.

Many years ago I was completely enamored with embroidery, particulary silk ribbon. I'll have to show you some of the projects I began but never finished. It's been on my mind for a long time to finish those pieces and use embroidery with paper. That's where these collaged and embroidered hearts come into play...a little plunge into that world again.


Wanda said...

Michele, Everything looks so lovely. Your cards are so cute. I alway love seeing what you are working on.

Jenn said...

Hi Michelle... your valentines are just wonderful, wonderful. I am one of your swap partners for the inspiration box swap... just wanted to be sure you got my email as one of the other group members says she is having trouble reaching me.... thanks, Jenn

Connie said...

Michelle, gorgeous valentine and new banner!! I enjoy your blog!!

luckygirlgifts said...

Hi Michelle,
I love your work. Just fantastic and inspiring. I too am your swap partner for the inspration boxes. I have tried to email twice. Please give me a hollar when you can.
Thanks Cari b.

Anonymous said...

I so remember you're trying to teach me that silk ribbon embroidery - me and Lana. Though I never was able to accomplish it I still find it so lovely! It truly is a Good Day! In His peace, Renee

cindy said...

I just love your little doodly cards! So whimsical and fun! And the hearts are wonderful as well.


LaurieStar said...

Oooh! I just love your hearts!

Anonymous said...

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