Art is Art - Even if Your Canvas is a Latte!

Happy springtime regards to all! The warmth and sunniness of spring is finally making its debut up here in the cold north! We've had a long and snowy winter, but when I heard the first red-winged blackbird and saw the first crocus emerging from its frozen prison, I knew that the long days spent waiting for spring were ended.

Finally! I had my camera at the coffeeshop I work at...I've been practicing these on customers' drinks for a while now and was so happy to have remembered my camera. I LOVE it when the milk is just the right consistency with just the right amount of tiny, silky bubbles...not too thick, not too thin...then it is just right for making beautiful designs in the dark crema of the espresso!
Art is art, no?


Elizabeth said...

Beautiful...and yummy.


Connie said...

Your latte art is gorgeous! I'm glad spring is on it's way too :)

Danielle Muller said...

love it!!!!!

are you going to silver bella??


LaurieStar said...

Now that is creativity! :) I would never have thought to do that - almost too pretty to drink! :)

Holly Loves Art said...

What a lovely post... and the find the beauty in your every day doings like that is really wonderful! I too always try to have my camera in hand!

I'm so happy I found your beautiful blog. I am still amazed at how many blogs I are undiscovered - BY ME!

LOVE your pretty Etsy shop too and yes, that Bunny illustration and his face are precious. Such pretty tags you've created!

Have a wonderful day!


Elizabeth said...

You're the queen! I gave you an award....come visit.