The Upcycling of Nostalgia

Old items that get a new, hipper, longer life with a little bit of altering and TLC are now, I guess, referred to as "upcycled." So I've been doing a little upcycling myself, with old containers...giving them a prettier {i think they are prettier ;)} existence.

I've made them useful as well...filling their newly renovated space with what I've been calling Art Candy...little leftover pieces and bits of a nostalgic past - destined to be fresh inspiration for future creations. If they seem as if they are calling to you, they will be here, waiting for you...


Lori said...

sometimes when i am stumped for something to make, i just up~cycle something i already have...i love that kind of creating, it doesn't make too much of a mess...and a little tinkering can make a big impact...i am happy to be on the Lollishops Design Team with you:) i can't wait to see what everyone makes!!!

cindy said...

I hear ya! Sometimes I hate to pull flowers and lace off of an old hat. But then I think, why not...give it a new life. Congrats on the design team, I'll be looking forward to seeing what you are doing.

yapping cat

natalea said...

beautiful! I have been doing a lot of this lately too!
hope you had a great summer Michele!
xo natalea