Gothic Chic Slipper

Many weeks ago, when I decided to join a bunch of swappers for a Vintage Halloween Ornament Swap, inspiration hit immediately. Usually my mind swirls with ideas and then goes completely blank. After a few different idea prototypes, which I loathe, I despair and have nightmares. The deadline looms, dark and dreadful, and suddenly, in a burst of energy, ala Edward Scissorhands, I frenetically
cut and paste and glitter... until...my little piece of swap magic is created. Sometimes I really like it, and sometimes I hate what I've made and wonder if I'll be allowed into any more swaps!!!

Not so this time! I knew right from the start. It had to be a bit dark,
a bit gothic and a bit Marie {as in Atoinette, of course!}
After a little searching for a shoe pattern,

I threw a couple of digital images together to form the sole of the shoe,
flocked and glittered them, glued on a little crepe paper and here it is:
the Gothic Chic Slipper. This is one I ended up really happy with.
My box of ornaments hasn't made it to Wisconsin yet.
But when it does, it will be a very Happy Halloween for me!


Grace said...

OMG! I want to wear them they are so Fabulous! Grace

TinyBear said...

oh my - how cool it that. They are amazing - fantastic

AmyB said...

Your shoes are chillingly beautiful. Great job! Your partners will be thrilled. - Amy Bauer

Diana P. said...

Those are really wonderful! I'm in awe!

Connie said...

Michelle, Thanks so much for your BEAUTIFUL Halloween shoe! Wasn't this an amazing swap? hugs, connie

barbara burkard said...

i got one and they are sooo splendid in PERSON!!!! just BEAUTIFUL!!!

Household 6 said...

Hi there! Found your blog through the art journal site :) I absolutely adore these spooky slippers! Very nice :)