Artful Thursday - Super Easy Luxe Candle

One thing I love about all the great products on the market for artists is that for pennies, I can create lovely home decor items for just a fraction of the prices I see elsewhere. And even better, if I'm in a tight spot...like having to get a gift on the spur-of-the-moment, this beautiful candle is one I fall back on many times. It is easy, and when finished, I think rather pretty.

For the base I've used several different things...I've used an old jelly jar; I've used a juice glass, and today, I used a plain glass candle holder I found at the local dollar store.

computer generated artwork
clear sticker paper for ink jet printers
battery powered tea light

If you are computer savvy, then you can begin there. I measured the circumference of the glass with a piece of ribbon, and opened a new document with those dimensions. I chose several pieces of past digital collages I have done, and put them together to fit the glass, keeping in mind that the sticker paper is clear. You could also take a collage you've made to fit the same dimensions and have it printed on the clear sticker paper at your local photocopy store.Then, carefully peel just a bit of the paper from the back and begin to place on the glass. Usually I will clean the glass and then wipe with alcohol to remove any natural oil that may have transferred onto the glass from my hands. Carefully, burnish the air bubbles out and make sure there are no wrinkles in the sticker on the glass before moving on to removing more paper. Continue until all the sticker is burnished on the glass. Then I think the fun and play can really begin as you embellish to your heart's content.
One of my favorite parts is putting the little tea light in the candle holder and turning it on. Then you can really see the prettiness of the sheer design.


tamdoll said...

Nice! I like the way this can embellish some plain candles that I have around.

Jennifer said...

This is really lovely. Such a great idea.

Anonymous said...

Very pretty - this would make a fabulous gift!
Hope you have a great weekend,

Therese said...

Beautiful!!! I adore the attention to deatails on these lovlies....

Julie Collings said...

the swirling bird image is so lovely, i can only imagine how it lights up with candle light.
hope you are feeling better soon, julie