Mermaid Fun Was Had By All

The sea is back in vogue. I've been happening upon lots and lots of mermaid art, colors of the sea, shells, glass, pearls and all things related to the sea and water. One day, not too long ago, I came upon Michelle Geller's blog, Hold Dear. She was hosting a swap. A mermaid swap. A sea-inspired swap. A swap where you gather all kinds of inspiration within the theme, make a little something for your partner and there you go.

I missed it. Too late. So I left her an "aw shucks" comment. She, the swap hostess, didn't have a partner. So one email later, she invited me to her swap. I love the colors of the sea...the water, the sky against it, the coral, pearls, shells, glass. I'm the luckiest girl. My package came from Michelle all filled with mermaid goodness. I told her that heaven was smiling on me when she thought to invite me...just look at the loot I scored. Thank you for every last little bit. How thoughtful and wonderful you were to me. The photos, of course, do not do justice to the texture and brilliant colors of all the ribbons and beads and such, but I know you'll enjoy the pictures anyway!

The bottle is the piece of art I created for Michelle. I was hoping it looked like it had washed up ashore with a message in it just for her. A little glitter, some beads, tiny shells and voila! Mermaid art!


Alison Gibbs said...

What a fun swap. Love your bottle.

Scrappy Jessi said...

what a great swap.
your things are beautiful

Carol said...

Hello Michele! I am finally visiting you blog, it took me too long. We have experienced a vast amount of 3 weeks worth of illness/me & kids..in time for major swap art work! I am supposed to be workin on the swap now, as I need it all done and mailed by the end of this week, but I just had to comment on your post w/the one word challenge. "Plunge" That is just what I have been trying to do and only the swaps are making me take the time. I am still struggling w/that too, very much!
I did not get time to give a proper visit, so I will be back. You are probably done our Hippity Hop swap stuff?
Carol (www.sassafrasandlulu.blogspot.com)

m i c h e l l e said...

I am buffoon! How could I have missed visiting your blog??? I'm so happy you sent that "aw shucks" e-mail! You were an awesome partner, Michele, and I'm just tickled that you enjoyed all the treats and prizes I sent you. :-)

And your bottle is truly gorgeous!