The Darlingness Continues...Day 4, 5, 6, 7

I must say this again...I LOVE this swap...I'm having so much fun opening gifts and looking to see what the other girls made and how they did it. Check out all the sweet photos from my swap partners...so cute and Eastery and springy.

Day 6 is my little contribution to the group: a bit of embroidery, a couple drops of solder and there you go...a groovy chick or bunny necklace to sport for Easter.

And there goes March....it seems over to me already since I'm thinking ahead to April already. Oh well...at least the lilacs and tulips and lily-of-the-valley will be blooming soon...I can barely wait for that show!!!!


Carol said...

Happy Easter Michele, to you and your family!
I love the necklace and actually added to my Easter outfit this afternoon and had a comment about how cute it was!

Gina2424 said...

I love love love your blog banner!

Jo Anne O. said...

Hi Michele! Thank you for waiting to be a part of my In The Pink collaborative book! I need to get your email address so I can contact you with details. Please email me from my profile page on my blog so I can get it from you...thanks!

Anonymous said...

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Sabii Wabii said...

Hey girly....need an addy...e-mail me!

Kathy said...

Michele, I have just discovered you. I have been an at home artist since I was small, and just discovered blogland a couple weeks ago. Your work is exquisite!! You really put things together perfectly. Please tell me how I can buy a kit to make your sensational birthday cake slice boxes, they are superb. I am so impressed with your work. THANKS for creating a spot to share. Kind regards, Kathy

Michele said...

Kathy, thank you for you warm and encouraging comments. I'd love to get in touch with you...but I can't find an email address or link for you...could you stop by again and maybe leave your email?

Kathy said...

Hi Michele, this is Kathy stopping by again. Hope my link works now. Of all the blogs I've seen, my mind keeps going back to that cake box, esp. the blue one. I HAVE to have a kit. It is unforgettable. You have such a knack for putting colors together with the right materials. I have been an artist since I was little, love floral botanicals, now seeing all these blogs I can create things way beyond cards. Can hardly wait to see what you're doing next! Blessings, Kathy

Michele said...

Hi again Kathy...I hope I'm not being a total ditz, but when I go to your blogger profile page, there isn't anything there...usually there is a link for email or whatnot...here is my email if you'd like to go that route, or you can give me yours...whatever you'd like. Again, I'm so inspired by your wonderful comments!!! Happy Monday!
Michele :)