How I Accidentally Maybe Almost Probably Drove You Away

Okay, so I'm clicking around in the "comments setting" of Blogger today, and there I see it. The reason why I've only received comments from google bloggers: the default choice for comments in Blogger is "receive comments only from Google Bloggers." And it's checked. WHAT? Are you kidding me? I can't be...nay I won't be....isolationist. I've taken action, boldly checked the box that says: "anyone can comment, even anonymous." Honestly, does Blogger have jealously issues?

Here's the part where I show how my brain sometimes never takes a leap from the obvious to the sublime....I've been thinking to myself all this time how quaint it is that all the comments are from google bloggers. Duh, Michele, that's cuz they're the only bloggers who can!!!

Is there redemption for me? Have I driven everyone away who doesn't have a google blog? Please, there's room enough for bloggers of all kinds here...won't you give me another chance?
I really didn't mean it - I'm just a little ditzy sometimes!


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh Michele that is so funny.
I think we are all a bit 'ditzy'.
Surely the computer knew you wanted everyone to comment so it should have been able to read your mind and do it!!!!LOL.
Have a great week

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

Sometimes the Blogger settings drive me wild...I know there's a way to change them, but I can't find the tab to click to do it.

Have a great rest of weekend!

Natalea said...

You didn't drive me away Michele! But now I can comment! Woohoo!
Hope all is well!
xo natalea