Ready or Not Here I Come!

A New Adventure!!

Back in January I was inspired to find a word that held all my artistic and life *hopes* for the coming year. I chose "Plunge." I wrote a little about it in that post. But, okay, back to today...in June...

One of the ideas I'd been mulling over for quite some time was the opening of an ETSY shop. I became quite discouraged when I browsed ETSY finding what seems like millions and millions of items for sale. How in the world can one compete with millions of other pretties? I guess, one tiny entry at a time! I'm not going to think about how all that stuff works...I love to make things and I'm going to do just that. Make them, love them and, and then, if any kindred soul out there wants to take it home, alrighty then! And with that I'd like you to meet "Willy Nilly Art & Whimsy". Willy Nilly, because that's kinda the creator I am...here and there, whenever the mood strikes - whatever I've been itching to make. You can expect a little art, a few lovely vintage finds and some sweet, sweet supplies. Really, whatever strikes my fancy!!!!

So I am officially announcing the opening of my humble little
on Friday, June 20th at noon CST.
I don't feel ready, but one of the things I'm finding out about taking the "plunge" into any endeavor is that you have to, well, "take the plunge!"

Check back in the days to come for
sneak peeks and other fun things!!!

Stop by and browse. Maybe you'll even find something that strikes your fancy!


valarie said...

Hi Michele,

I just opened an etsy shop and felt the same way. Sometimes you just have to do it! I'm sure you will be successful! You make such beautiful things. valarie akacreativity

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

YIPEE!!! It's about time, my friend! I'm so excited for you and will anxiously await your new shop! xo-Mel

fated follies studio said...

i found you on flickr! you only have 2 days left until etsy! so much fun. can't wait to see.


Deb said...

I agree with your thoughts on an Etsy shop. As a graphic artist, I don't spend much time looking at the work of other artists. Sometimes it can inspire you, but other times it makes you feel as if you're against the wind. Just do what you love and you'll cultivate a following in time, because art is subjective. Lovely blog, btw!

Sheila said...

WOW Great site .. Such great talent.. lovely things to look at.. enjoyed my time looking around. Sheila