Finally, I'm a Winner!

And I'm doin' the happy dance! That's what I wrote to Jessi upon receiving the very exciting news I won THIS!!!!....her Halloween Brag Book featured on ArtsyMamas Sweet and Sinister Swap Blog. If I'm allowing myself only one swap, not counting Silver Bella swaps {hah! we'll see how THAT goes!:)} I guess I chose the right one. And for more than just because I won something! (picture used with permission from Kari.)

You could also have seen me do the happy dance several days ago when Kari revealed our partners! I was delighted to find I was paired with - my lovely and sweet friend, Heather. You probably know her as Speckled Egg; where some of the best swaps found in blogland come from. I've been dreamin' up lots of fun goodies for Heather...and now I'm begging for a swift kick in the you-know-where to bring them from dreamland to reality.

Look what flew into our corner of the world! I've never seen this stunning creature in real life until two days ago...ran to get my camera...tried to get a good picture but the wind was blowing, my hands were shakin'...but I like it anyway! Creation is soooo beautiful. I think I'll go enjoy it some more! See you soon...


Scrappy Jessi said...

winner winner chicken dinner.
yeah im so happy you won.

Jenn said...

lucky you! This swap is so much fun!

Leah/ Texas/ United States said...

What a gorgeous butterfly, I especially love the blue on the bottom part. Thanks for the quiltie I got from you, I love your Flikr card and also your quilting and the felting. You are very creative and I Love the look of your blog!