Things I Used to Do...and Started Doing Again

Part One
I used to do graphics. Back in another life I was first a journalist, then a typesetter, then proofer, then graphic artist and then freelance all-of-the-above. When the desktop computer first hit the business , the programs were clunky and clumsy and not very intuitive - from a typesetter's point of view, anyway! Once I got my first Mac, though, I was hooked. Fast forward to today...it is all so amazing and FUN!

This little blog has helped me to begin to love again! My love for Photoshop and all things digital has grown deeper...I'm very fond of all my programs. And I've been playing around with some art. Getting my feet a little wetter as the days go by. Just one of the things I used to do and have decided to renew a friendship with...

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natalea said...

and you so should be back into it- because you make magic! wish i knew how to do graphics!
love my pretty tags!
xo natalea