A Very Lucky Day

A surprise greeted me this morning when I returned home from work. A message from Sadie Lou letting me know that my handmade vintage glass glitter was chosen for an Etsy treasury. How fun is that? If you want to see it up close and get the full effect of the beautiful images, go here.

Last week, the girly girl silhouette tags I printed also made it in a really stunning treasury based on silhouettes. But last week went by before I remembered to learn how to do a screenshot of that page...it is gone, gone forever.Been having lots of fun at the computer, working in my favorite, Photoshop. Love putting together lots of different images and seeing what happens in the end. I'm so lucky and blessed to have the computer that I do, and also the time to play with it. More fun to come!!

And then, like most of you, I've been getting the itch to play with Spring and Easter art goodies. Hence the charms featuring bunnies and chicks and who knows what else. I really think it has beckoned the warmer weather to visit us!! Just a few days ago (Monday) it was below zero. Today, a balmy, no-coat, short-and-tshirt 44. Can the tulips be far behind?


Connie said...

Simply beautiful tags! Love the bunny and chick pendants!!

LaurieStar said...

I guess I didn't see these before - so beautiful!