A Yummy, if Filling, Taste of Life

Don't you find that life sometimes comes at you in tiny doses; just enough to nibble on and be satisfied...a little crudité of sorts - goes down easy and is perfectly digestible...pleasant... But then, sometimes life is a kazillion-course dinner that leaves you so full and bursting, it is a true wonder that movement of any kind is possible at all. So much on the menu of life, right now, as I'm sure is true of many of you.

The Appetizer: Courtship
In February, a very nice Young Man, who our oldest Daughter has known for many years, decided to make his play for her heart, inquiring of my husband and me if we would grant permission for Young Man to date Our Daughter. Hmmmm....after a lengthy chat, (more interrogation than discussion) we gave tentative approval. You know, we just didn't go through the joys and pains of bringing a daughter into the world, teaching and loving her all those years to turn her over to just anybody! And, happily for us, as an Army guy he would be leaving for a month or so for training. Sure, you can date Our Daughter...aw, too bad you have to leave so soon! {Heavy sigh of relief!!!}

You know that little saying about absence making the heart grow fonder? Just when we thought a little distance was a great happenstance, along comes The Young Man on a few-day pass. Young Man desires to speak with us. His nervousness and the Daughter's perplexing absence make Mom and Dad's heart beat a little faster. He's so cute, though, devoid of Army guy bravado he tries to work up enough nerve, for, for what? That is the next course, of course!

Next Course: The Big Question
"Can I marry Your Daughter?" "No way!" bellers father. Too late, Young Man and Daughter have already decided. But they want the blessing so they are willing to wait a little while for Father to get used to the idea.

Third Course: Left Behind
Young Man has been commissioned to Iraq. Before he leaves, he and Daughter do indeed become engaged. Lots of emotions...teary goodbyes. A year is a long time - and a long distance will separate them. This is a heartbreak for Daughter, and also for those who look on.

Fourth Course: Texas Wants Us
Waiting is sometimes okay. Sometimes impossible. This time not to be. We pack up and take a family vacation to El Paso to witness the vows of Young Man and Daughter. We are happy. We are sad. We are a bigger family now. I wasn't ready for this. Aren't I supposed to have time to mourn for the loss of a daughter, etc, etc. How funny that amidst my whining our young niece says: "You aren't losing a daughter, you are gaining a son!" How come I didn't see that?

Dessert: 1 + 1 = 3
Now, the Young Man has become Phil to us. My young daughters have a new victim to wrap around their cute little fingers; my older son gets the brother he has wished for. Daughter, Michaela, is a wife, now - an Army wife, praying and hoping and waiting for Phil's return. As we all are. But here's the icing on the cake: when Wife greets Husband and they are reunited, they will each take on an additional name: Mommy and Daddy. Life is strange and weird and you really cannot know what a day will bring. For us, at least, it has brought many blessings. We are truly grateful, and oh-so stuffed!


Wanda said...

I didn't realize you were of the age to have grown children...you seem much younger. :) As an army wife myself...I must welcome you all to my family..the Army family...you are most welcome and we try really hard to take care of one another. It's a special bond. Congratulations on gaining a son. :)

Jennifer Conway said...

A wonderful post! *smiles* ~Jen

Jenn said...

Congratulations! Wonderful special news for you.

Anonymous said...

You will totally love being a grandma! I send my love and congrats to you all - especially to Michaela. Give her a big, big hug from Renee.

LaurieStar said...

What a wonderful story! It must have been bittersweet to have all that happen so quickly for you and your daughter! Congratulations to your family!

Gloria Cameron said...

Dear,Dear Michelle,
It is such a joy to read your words and see your beautiful talent at work. I also will be a grandma to a little girl any day now thanks to Danielle and Matt, plus gaining a son in August, when Alicia and Mike get married. I feel like I'm bursting with blessings. Maybe we can meet at the park pushing our grand babies in their carriages with our parasol spinning. Could life slow down enough for that!
Gloria Cameron

natalea said...

How exciting Michele!! Best wishes to all of you! xo natalea