Scrumptious Summer Palette

If ever there were an inspiration for us to gather color palettes from, it would have to be the eye candy colors of summer produce. Who does not love the colors of a summer sunset: eggplant, melon, tangerine, blueberry, lemon...? When I wander the tents of a summer outdoor farmer's market, I am so drawn and mesmerized by the forecast of color, I never go home with my budget intact; instead I clumsily lug my overload through the sea of market-goers to the safety of my car. Then, when I return home, I pour all my purchases on the countertop and drink in the intoxicating color of it all.

These luscious hues are the inspiration for the hand-dyed vintage seam binding I have been fascinated with of late. And I've made enough to go around! If you'd like to gather a basket of these delicious ribbons, you can visit me here or here.

Don't just take my word for it either...Saturday will bring a fresh round of all things summer. Just head to your local farm market and discover color to fall in love with.


Connie said...

Love all the colors you are creating! Thank you for my tags...they are my favorites!
Have a wonderful 4th! Connie

Holly Loves Art said...

Pretty pretty pretty!!! I'm glad you're having so much fun... lots of inspiration in color!

Happy 4th!

cindy said...

Just gorgeous! I love your shop...great things!

yapping cat

The Chateau of Remnants said...

Michele.. I got my Swap box today!! Can I just tell you I loved everything~!! Thanks for swapping with me :)