Silver Bella Jitters

All my swaps in a pile...what have they become?

About a year ago I discovered blogland. Why it took me that long is still a mystery to me...I am on my computer traversing the internet daily, and to this day I pinch myself for not having found this wonderland sooner. Anyway...last year, I came across Teresa McFayden's site, Paper Bella, only to find out there was an artistic extravaganza called "Silver Bella" a-coming. What was this? Can I go? Oh my, look at all the WOW classes...the vendors...the fun!!! Can I go? Well, no, because you didn't find this amazing world sooner and now all the tickets are gone, gone, GONE I say. So I made up my mind that nothing!!!! would keep me from this year's event. And nothing did! I waited and waited for the openeing bell(a) {ha ha} and promptly got myself a coveted spot at the Omaha Bash. It is now just days away!! Five, 5, five, to be exact. And I get to go!!! Oh lucky, lucky, blessed me!!!

I've had to really try hard not to let the excitement disrupt my every-day duties. But lately I've been indulging myself in thoughts of the fabulous classes I'll be attending...the dizzying array of goodies I can snag at Vendor Night (for which I've been nuturing a growing stash). And that's not to mention the fun planned at a local antiques store, or the guest speaker, or the fun swaps!!

This last 12 or so months, I have also been welcomed into this paperific, artistic world though a bunch of swaps I signed up for. I've met, through Flickr and blogs and swaps, a bevy of wonderful!! gals...and I'm going to see them, and they are going to see me!!! And now, I'm haunted by such thoughts as "will they like me?" "will I fit in?" "will I be chosen last to be on the baseball team?" "can I keep up with their very clever and inventive artsy ways?"

But I've comforted myself, also, because from what I have learned from reading your blogs, is that you are all wonderful, encouraging, sweet, charming, generous, caring and, from the sounds of things on the Silver Bella Yahoo Group, a whole buncha fun!!!!

So I'm just going to be myself and I know that this is going to be THE event of the year in my life. I can't wait to meet all of you in person!!! I can't wait...


Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh Michelle! I really can't believe Silver Bella is so close! I have the same feelings--being on the shy side it's so much easier to put words "on paper" (or the screen) than in person! I think we're going to have such a great time--I am starting to wake up at night excited about it! See you sooooo soon! I can't wait! xo-Mel

Donna Layton said...

Sweetie....I've been looking around your beautiful blog and you don't have a thing in the world to worry about. You'll be a starter on that baseball team for sure! You will be as bellarific as any foof in attendance. Have fun!

Heather - Speckled Egg said...

Hi Michele!
I am soooo excited to meet you in person! I ADORE your creations and can't wait to see what this beautiful pile of glittery stars has turned into! Just 2 more days! Wooohooo!

barbara burkard said...

oh oh...i'm in for next year as i didn't make it for this year!!! So happy to see you are in the Art From the Nest show on heather's site!!! I'll see you there!


Cheryl said...

OH how WAS it??? Tell me! Tell me! :) I'm SO going next year. :)