Silver Bella...How Do I Love Thee?

Let Me Count the Ways...

But then I'd have to take out an ad in Times Square and maybe that might not even be big enough!

My deepest thanks and highest regards for the wonderful Teresa McFayden who, with her Silver Bella mavens, made this artsy wonderland a reality. So I'll just say that this art retreat was soooo over-the-top fabulous that it will take a while to unzip all that I took in, overheard, learned and soaked in.I have made a vow to let the magic and inspiration from Silver Bella percolate on the back burner of my brain before I begin to just spill out. Gotta make good coffee ya know!!!!

I'm not a reliable picture taker, but for a boatload of great pix, visit Paper Relics. Hope is a prolific picture-taker and you'll get a great overview of Silver Bella from her point of view. She is, by the way, one of the funniest and most delightful girls...and I hardly even got to know her. I have more "sightings" and meetings of friends I have met on blogs and through swaps. But more of that later, I don't want to, in my zombie state, leave anyone out.

Anyway, the coffee's brewing, so visit soon for a good, fresh cup of inspiration!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Silver Bella looks like a fun event. Love the brewing coffee.

Kara Ward said...

I want to thank you for my delicous charm. I love the little felt ball so much. You are such a talent. Kar Ward

Melissa Lobdell, Little Melfred's Studio said...

Oh Michelle! I was so excited to meet you!!! I'm so glad that we had a few classes together and I had a chance to create along side of you! Next year will be even more fun!!!!